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Project Description
BountyCoin, the modern SHA256 coin
with lots of bounties!!


- Proof of work + Proof of stake
with 5% POS interest, keep your wallet open to claim this interest

- Good old SHA256d algorithm
compatiable with CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC

- Transacation Comment
like CosmosCoin and FlorinCoin

- 0.0001 transaction fee
a small fee to pay
miners will still have incomes after all coin has been mined

- 60 seconds block time
minimize orphans

- Trade confirm: 3, Mine confirm: 30
fast transcation

- 5 coins per block
Day generation: 7200 coins or 1440 blocks, stable reward after 5 days of launch

- Total number of coins 1500000000 (1.5 billion)
enough to mine over 570 years

- Diff re-targets every block
no more afraid of coin-hoppers

- Slow start
Block 1-1440 = 1 coin
Block 1441-2880 = 2 coins
Block 2881-4320 = 3 coins
Block 4321-5760 = 4 coins
Block from 5761 = 5 coins

- port: Connection: 8512 and RPC Port:18512
start mining now!!


Go to the DOWNLOAD page and gab the windows executables!

Source Code:


Getting Started:

1. Start up BountyCoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit.
2. Put BountyCoin.conf (see sample file below) in your C:/Users/(computerusername)/Appdata/Roaming/BountyCoin
3. Restart BountyCoin-qt, and you should connect and sync.
4. For solo mining, launch CPU miner or GPU miner
5. Solo example: minerd.exe -a sha256d -o -O (username):(password)

Sample BountyCoin.conf:


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